Building Code Compliant Seismic Monitoring System

The iCOBI 3 Strong Motion Accelerograph acquires and records acceleration data. The standard instrument comes equipped with 3 channels and includes an internal triaxial EpiSensor Force Balance Accelerometer. For these reasons, many municipalities (e.g., City of Los Angeles, CA USA) require seismic instrumentation or offer benefits such as reduced inspection time as part of a building occupancy resumption program (e.g., BORP San Francisco, CA USA). 

Code Compliant

Compliant with Los Angeles Building Code


Cost-effective solution that can satisfy today’s most demanding applications

Remote Alerts

Remote alerting capability for system event or auto-diagnostic failure

Easy Setup

The iCOBI 3 system includes, digitizers, battery systems providing 48 hours of autonomy and communications equipment. Users only need to supply the CAT-5 interconnection cable and local AC power

The #1 Building Code Compliant System

Internet ready, code Compliant Building Instrumentation (iCOBI) system for seismic monitoring, is part of EQMet line of products. Seismic monitoring systems provide valuable data and information on the behavior of buildings leading to improved understanding and better design codes.

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